Influence of electromagnetic fields on humans

Influence of electromagnetic fields on humans

What is the level of electromagnetic radiation in everyday life?
What are the dangers of electromagnetic waves for humans?
Is it possible to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves?

Progress does not stand still, but along with making life easier, such changes can also bring harm to a person. Most of us are used to not noticing alarm bells in our well-being, especially no one is particularly worried about the causes of their occurrence, and in vain.

Is it possible to protect yourself from an invisible threat? Why do we feel bad for no reason? – perhaps you will find the answers in this article.

What are electromagnetic fields?

Modern man is surrounded by a huge number of sources of electromagnetic fields. Without delving into the narrow terminology of physics, they can be divided into two categories:

electromagnetic fields of natural origin;
electromagnetic fields of anthropogenic origin.

The first type usually includes the electric magnetic field of the planet, cosmic sources of radio waves and atmospheric electricity. Since they act constantly, they have a significant impact on the evolutionary processes concerning the living and inanimate nature of the Earth.

The second type includes all human – created sources of electromagnetic energy, which also have two varieties:

those that are designed to emit electromagnetic waves – radio and TV stations, communication systems, radars, etc.;
those that are the source of so – called parasitic electromagnetic waves that are not related to their direct purpose-all electrical equipment in the house.

Regardless of the variety, this type of wave can propagate in almost any environment. In everyday life, a person is affected by radio frequency fields, which are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
What is the level of electromagnetic radiation in everyday life?

Radio frequency waves, which are most often encountered by a person, are non-ionizing radiation. This means that compared to ionizing types, examples of which are X-rays and gamma rays, they are weaker and their power is not enough to break the biological bonds between the molecules of the cell. But they pose a significant threat to biological systems such as plants, animals, and humans.

To determine the permissible rate of electromagnetic radiation, it is important to take into account the power and duration of its action. In any case, it is important that the set range during daily exposure does not cause malfunctions in the body and does not cause visible harm to health. In the generally accepted norm, it should be in the range from 30 kHz to 30 GHz.

For clarity, I will give some examples of radiation that each of us faces almost every day:

  • * Monitors and video displays – 30 kHz.
  • * Radio communication-up to 3 MHz
  • * Industrial-scale induction heaters, some medical equipment – 30 kHz – 30 MHz
  • * TV, mobile phones, microwave ovens-up to 10 GHz

Almost all of them are within the normal range, but with prolonged exposure, sooner or later a negative effect on the body manifests itself.

What are the dangers of electromagnetic waves for humans?

According to WHO, if a person is affected by electromagnetic fields, the power of which does not go beyond the permissible limits, then it will not cause significant harm to health. But, at the same time, with prolonged exposure, there are still some malfunctions in the body.

The nervous system is most sensitive to such influences. Neurons degrade their conductivity, which leads to failures in the system of conditional and unconditional reflexes. In addition, there may be a deterioration in memory and coordination of brain activity with the work of body parts.

There are also problems in the human psyche. Sometimes there are obsessions, increased anxiety and violations of the adaptive functions of the psyche. Characteristic signs are depressive symptoms, drowsiness, irritability. All these are the consequences of the depletion of the nervous system due to the excessive influence of electromagnetic fields on it.

On the part of the immune system, there is also a negative reaction to the long-term effect of such radiation. In addition to suppressing immune forces, in cases of significant excess of permissible norms, a sharp jump in the level of lymphocytes in the blood is possible, which provokes an attack on the body itself.

The cardiovascular system also suffers from exposure to electromagnetic fields. To begin with, all the elements in our blood have electrical potentials and charges. When exposed to electromagnetic waves, red blood cells may stick together and, as a result, the formation of obstruction of cell membranes. This situation is perceived by the body extremely negatively, which provokes the release of adrenaline into the blood, and this in turn negatively affects the work of the heart.

It is especially important for pregnant women to monitor the level of electromagnetic exposure. Increasingly, scientists are talking about the connection of this factor with some specific problems of fetal development:

  • miscarriages and prematurity;
  • the low weight of the fetus;
  • distortion of genetic information and as a result – a violation of the normal formation of the internal organs of the fetus.

Based on this, electromagnetic exposure becomes especially dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy.

The question of the relationship of the electromagnetic field with cancer is still provoking tough discussions. But the unequivocally confirmed fact is an increase in the risk of leukemia under the influence of low-frequency magnetic fields at home. Therefore, most scientists are inclined to think that the proof of the influence of electromagnetic radiation as a factor that leads to the development of cancer is just a matter of time.

Information about the effect on other body systems is still very small. But one thing is clear – electromagnetic fields undoubtedly have a negative effect on a person, so you should not neglect your health.
Is it possible to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves?

The greatest danger that lies in the action of electromagnetic fields is that we do not feel it, but only see the consequences that manifest themselves after a while. Currently, it is simply impossible to completely protect yourself from such an impact, but there are a number of recommendations on how to reduce it:

Try not to accumulate your existing electrical appliances in one place.
Try to place electrical appliances away from places where you rest or spend a significant amount of time during the day.
There should be no radio-controlled toys in the children’s bedroom, it is better to place them in other rooms where the child will not be able to constantly contact them.
Try to keep away electrical appliances and mobile phone while sleeping.
Make it a habit to make yourself “rest hours” during which you will not be in contact with electrical appliances for some time.

These recommendations will help reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation on your body. And if this is not enough, you can buy a dosimeter, with it you will know exactly the level of radiation at the moment from a particular electrical device.

Take care of yourself and your family!

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