Leadership and Management

Dr. Dhruba Gautam

%e0%a4%a7%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%b0%e0%a5%81%e0%a4%ac_%e0%a4%97%e0%a5%8c%e0%a4%a4%e0%a4%aeDr. Dhruba Gautam is the Executive Chairperson of NDRC. He holds PhD in Disaster Governance, Masters degree in Natural Resources Management and MA in Sociology. He has 24 years of experience in development activities till now he is active in many other development activities. Previously he worked in USAID/PACT International, Plan Nepal, The ford Foundation/MRMG, European Union and many more. He has keen interest on qualitative research and evaluation.


Madhu Sudan Gautam

msg-pp-photoMr. Madhu Sudan Gautam is the Program Director of NDRC. He received his Masters in Economics and Development Studies. He had more than decades of work experiences in development activities, evaluating reports, community level studies. He had also worked as a consultant in different government and non-government agencies. His consultancy services include policy reviews, assessments, climate change impact on agriculture. He is an expert in qualitative and quantitative analysis.


Pratap Maharjan


Mr. Pratap Maharjan is the Program Manager of NDRC, with more than 5 years of experience working in issues of environment and knowledge management in national and international institution demonstrating leadership, learning and result driven actions. Possess undergraduate degree in Environment Management and pursuing Masters in Sustainable Development with professional and academic focus on livelihood, climate change, urban development and knowledge management. Rigorous analytical, research, communication skills and basic GIS skills.