Ongoing Projects

Pragati Project- “Promoting Resilient and Sustainable Urban Growth by Augmenting DRR capacity of Local Authorities Through active private sector Involvement”

Working Areas of Sankharapur Municipality

Funding Agency: ECHO

Project executed by: Consortium of DCA, ADRA Nepal, VSO

 Implementing Period: Aug. 2017- Oct 2018

 Project Area: Sankharapur Municipality, Sakhu Kathmandu

 Theme: Urban DRR

 Scope: Capacity building, infrastructure development, Awareness, DRM plans development

Implemented by: NDRC Nepal

Status: Ongoing


Safer Cities (Surakshit Sahar)- Urban DRR Project in Kathmandu Valley

Working Areas of Surakshit Sahar

Funding Agency:  ADRA, DCA, LWR, WVI

Implementing Period:  July 2017- June 2019

Project Area: Lalitpur Metropolitan City and Kathmandu Metropolitan City

Theme: Urban DRR

Scope: Capacity building, Material support, Policy advocacy, DRR mainstreaming

Implemented by: NDRC Nepal

Status: Ongoing



Situation Analysis of Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DiDRR) in Nepal

Funding Agency: CBM

Study Period: March- May 2017

Study Area: Nepal

Theme: Disaster Risk Reduction, Disability, Inclusion

Scope: Situation Analysis

Lead by: NDRC Nepal

Team Leader: Dhruba Gautam, PhD

Status: Ongoing

Building  Resilience to Disaster by Promoting and mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management and Resilience  Initiatives in Earthquake Affected Communities (BURDAN) Project

Project Districts: BURDAN
Project Districts: BURDAN

Funding Agency: ADRA Nepal

Project Period: July 2016 to Dec 2018

Project Implementation Area: Kavre and Dhading

Theme: Community and School DRR

Scope: Capacity Building, Research and Development, Policy Advocacy, Knowledge Management

Status: Ongoing


Collaborative Research: Impact of Climate Change Finance on the poor who are Climate Vulnerable

Funding Agency: United Nations Development Programme, Nepal

Study Period: 21 Dec 2016 – 20 June 2017

Study Area: Nepal

Theme: Climate Change, Livelihood, Poverty, Public Finance Management

lead by: NDRC

Team Leader: Mr. Madhu Sudan Gautam

Status: Ongoing